Physical Products

Real products we hand craft right here in Keenesburg, Colorado

After you purchase we ship them to your door!

Virtual Products

Tested and Proven 3D models for our products allowing:

  • Personal Use
  • 3D Print and Resale
  • Anything you want => Intellectual Proprty

3D Printer & Supplies

We know these 3D printing supplies work!

This is the 3D printer we use and these are the supplies we use


Gear for around the house

Survive the Zombie Apocolypse without giving up on the essentials


3D Printed Circuit Boards that work

We don't use exotic filaments (mostly because they remain too expensive and don't support high voltage and high current applications)

Our circuits are constructed without the use of toxic chemicals or expensive equipment => We use our time & creativity

3D models for Personal Use

3D Models for your personal use

No resale rights

3D Models For Resale

These products allow you to print the 3D model on your printer and resell the units you create (Resale quantity is specified at the time of purchase)


These products contain the 3D printable model (STL), the parametric design source models (STEP) and some number (Specified in the product description) of consulting hours for us to help tune the model to your target manufacturing process

You are purchasing non-exclusive rights

Contact us for an exclusive IP quote.


Need a custom solution? => We like to help!

Start the Process by Requesting a Quote

On-Line Store Creation / Maintenance

We have the knowledge and skills to create on-line stores that integrate with PayPal for payment processing

If our "Trading Post" is "good enough" then we provide a good deal

Prototyping Tools

If you like to design your own gear we have some tools that will accelerate your efforts

These are the tools we use

Business Supplies

High Impact Business Tools

Indoor Farming (Hydroponics)

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse by growing your own food using the fastest plant growth techniques known to man

We provide a complete system of structural components (We do not sell hydroponic nutrients => Visit your local hydroponics store or order through Amazon)