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Toilet Paper Holder (Physical Product)

Bunk House Toilet paper holder that may be mounted horizontally or vertically.

"Bunk House" => It's not "pretty" but it is "functional".

This is the real, physical toilet paper holder => We ship it to you

Includes mounting hardware.

Available Qty: 5
Price: $35.00
Price: $30.00
Soda can tops plus dispenser (Physical Product)

These soda can tops fit Pepsi brand soda cans.

12 "tops" plus one dispenser that has magnets to mount to your Fridge

This is the physical product: we ship it to you!

Available Qty: 5
Price: $30.00
Price: $25.00
Krakatoa Ranch MendelMax 3 - 3D Printer

We begin with the highest quality 3D Printer kit available (Maker's Tool Work's MendelMax 3 ) and then we assemble, enhance and tune the 3D printer to provide professional Quality printed objects.

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Customers who purchase a 3D printer from us receive ALL of our 3D models (for personal use only). "All 3D models" for our products includes all current product models and any future 3D models we create and offer at our Trading Post.

Professional Grade 3D Printer for Individuals and Small Businesses

Conditions: To receive future product 3D models you must agree to supply your Email address to us (and to inform us if your email address ever changes).

Price: $4,500.00
Filament Size :
Web Based Printer Controller :
Enclosure :
Quad 20 Amp, 500 V DC low-side switch

Our Quad N-MOSFET power switch is rated for a maximum of 20 Amps and 500 Volts per switch.

The switch includes a logic level ( 0 Volt to 5 Volt) to Power MOSFET level ( 0 V to 12 V ) converter to allow the switch to be used for high frequency PWM operations.

The switch features two huge huge protection diodes to support driving inductive loads.

All of the inputs have protective resistors tieing the inputs to ground when not connected to a logic signal (eliminates accidentally Turing the switch on during reboots or micro-controller initialization).

We have included LED indicator lights at all signal junctions to promote rapid debugging when using this switch in a new project.

This switch demonstrates the versatility of 3D printed Printed Circuit Boards by providing "lots of surfaces" to use for making electrical connections.

We have used thick (2 mil) copper to create the high current traces on this switch.

Printing this design is straight forward.... Assembling the circuit is 100% manual effort (no fancy robots are used).

This is for the physical Quad DC Switch => We ship it to you!

Price: $1,200.00
Power Supply Base (Physical Product)
Power Supply Base (Physical Product)

This is a very simple idea: Create a "Lego" approach to building prototypes that allows designers to focus on key elements while incrementally testing and refining their concepts into a product.

If the first step in your design prototyping process is assembling a platform so that you may begin the design implementation process (Our method for years) you realize that the first hours (or days) is consumed with tasks that have nothing to do with seeing your idea come to life

Our Power Supply Platform incorporates a standard square peg pattern that allows rapid "plug and play" development of both electrical and mechanical design concepts

Our Power Supply incorporates a heavy duty toggle switch (on/off) and standard American plug receptacle (We also include a standard 110V three prong plug)

When our Power Supply Platform is combined with our other prototyping tools you will gain the ability to focus on the key elements of your design instead of the "steps to get going"

This is the physical product (Complete and ready to be used when it arrives at your door

Price: $450.00
Power Supply Specifics :
Arduino Mega / Dual Solderless Breadboard with Mount (Physical Product)
Arduino Mega / Dual Solderless Breadboard with Mount (Physical Product)

Our Arduino Mega, Dual Breadboard Add-on to our Prototyping Power Supply Base unit allows you to start developing your design immediately.

Our Mount uses a sliding post design that provides positioning flexibility as well as "fit flexibility": Breaking News: Not all Arduino Mega Boards are the same width.... not all Breadboard are the same width (or length).

Our Physical Product includes:

  • One Arduino Mega micro-controller
  • Two 6.75" x 2.125" breadboards
  • Mount: Fits our Prototyping Power Supply base ( Four 3D printed pieces )

This is the physical product ( Complete and ready to be used when it arrives at your door )

Price: $60.00
Business Cards (Physical Product )

Raised Letter Business Cards

Created using three colors: The background color, One clear Layer, Text Color

Available colors may be found Here

Note: If we don't have the color you want in stock there is a minimum order requirement of $40

Price is for one card => No Volume discounts (costs as much to print one as to print ten)

If you purchase our 3D Printer we will provide the business card model to you at no additional costs so that you may print as many cards as you want.

Price: $3.00
Text on Card + Desired Colors (background and text):