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On-Line Web Store Support
On-Line Web Store Support

This offer is limited to folks who had us create their on-line store

Before ordering support please use our Request For Quote Form so that we will be able to provide you with an estimate of the hours required to meet your needs.

Note: Quantity => Hours

Price: $25.00
On-Line Web Store Creation
On-Line Web Store Creation

Do you need an on-line store to sell your products? Maybe compete against us and improve the Zombie Apocalypse survival rate in your local community?

We want to Help?

First: We recommend you save some money and do it yourself. Go to eHosts.com create an account and start:

  • Creating an on-line store is one of those: Once you know the steps => It's not that hard.
  • It is time consuming to learn the steps by "trial and error" but there is quite a bit of documentation available to help.

We know the steps to create a simple store to sell both real products and "electronic products" (3D Models) processing payments through PayPal

If you would prefer to "not need to know or spend the time learning" (Perfectly reasonable) then we offer a good deal

Our fee ($800) includes all costs to setup your store and keep it running for one year.

Once a year you pay ($50) to keep it all running

We setup the infrastructure => We don't create content!

Our "infrastructure setup" includes providing you with friendly interfaces so that you may create your content without knowing anything about web technologies

Infrastructure includes:

  • Purchasing and securing your domain name (your web address)
  • Setting up your Email server: creating Email accounts, creating Email forwarding addresses, creating Email lists {Example: customer "What's new" notifications}
    • Your Email server will be more secure than Criminal Hillary's! (But you will get spam and if foreign government {or ours} wants "in" => they will "get in")
  • Setting up your web store (includes integration into your PayPal account)
    • We don't need access to your PayPal account if you follow our instructions => You will need to set a few options in your account and then provide us with an encrypted key so that your sales are processed through your PayPal account (we don't get in the middle of your sales)
  • 10 hours of training / help to make sure you are comfortable using your store (adding products...getting the "look" you want.

No Secrets: the purchase price is for us to host your site (our site is hosted by eHosts.com).

If you want your own eHosts account then we charge $1000.00 for the setup and chances are we won't be able to help you after we hand-off your eHosts account to you (It is another level of complexity but again: Its not that hard and there is a lot of help available on the web).

  • If you have us setup an eHosts account for you then there is no yearly renewal fee from us (but there is one from eHosts.com)
  • We want to make it easy for "non-tech", "non-web" creative folks to have their own on-line stores.
    • We learned the steps necessary, have the skills and we are pretty quick (requires a little over one week: some of that time is not under our control => It takes a day or two for the domain name to get registered and allocated).
    • If you read the "terms and conditions" out of the sites that "sell your stuff" you might understand how this fits into "Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse".

Price: $800.00
eHost Account :
On-Line Web Store Renewal Fee
On-Line Web Store Renewal Fee

This offer is limited to folks who had us create their on-line store

Before: paying your Renewal Fee make sure we sent you an invoice (through Email)

If you are encountering obstacles please log a customer support request

Price: $50.00
Customer or Invoice Number: