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Krakatoa Ranch MendelMax 3 - 3D Printer

We begin with the highest quality 3D Printer kit available (Maker's Tool Work's MendelMax 3 ) and then we assemble, enhance and tune the 3D printer to provide professional Quality printed objects.

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Customers who purchase a 3D printer from us receive ALL of our 3D models (for personal use only). "All 3D models" for our products includes all current product models and any future 3D models we create and offer at our Trading Post.

Professional Grade 3D Printer for Individuals and Small Businesses

Conditions: To receive future product 3D models you must agree to supply your Email address to us (and to inform us if your email address ever changes).

Price: $4,500.00
Filament Size :
Web Based Printer Controller :
Enclosure :
1 Year: 3D Printer Training, Tuning, Calibration & Maintenance
1 Year: 3D Printer Training, Tuning, Calibration & Maintenance

Fixed Cost ( Labor ) service for on-site Training, Tuning, Calibration & Maintenance of your 3D Printer

We are here to make you successful with your 3D Printer purchase!

Selling a top-notch 3D Printer that is able to meet the rigorous demands of small business operators is step 1... Step 2 is keeping that 3D Printer humming while providing you with the training you need so that at the end of the first year you have all of the skills you need to maintain your 3D Printer (... but we would be happy to continue providing this service to you year after year...

Available for Krakatoa Ranch's 3D Printer customers ONLY

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Price: $2,500.00