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Toilet Paper Holder 3D Model (Intellectual Property  rights)

Bunk House Toilet paper holder that may be mounted horizontally or vertically.

"Bunk House" => It's not "pretty" but it is "functional".

This is for the 3D Model, plus design source files plus 10 hours of customization service to adapt the 3D model to your target manufacturing process.

This Product allows you to manufacture the toilet paper holder and sell as unlimited units

Note: this is for non-exclusive IP rights.

If you would prefer exclusive manufacturing rights contact us for a quote

Price: $2,500.00
Soda can tops plus dispenser 3D Model (Intellectual Property Rights)

These soda can tops fit Pepsi brand soda cans.

12 "tops" plus one dispenser that has magnets to mount to your Fridge

This product is the 3D model, design source models, unlimited manufacturing rights plus 10 hours of consulting time to fine tune the models for your target manufacturing process.

This is for non-exclusive rights. Contact us if you are interested in purchasing exclusive manufacturing rights.

Note: you supply the magnets (K&J Magnetics)

Price: $2,500.00
Power Supply Base (Intellectual Property Rights)
Power Supply Base (Intellectual Property Rights)

This is a very simple idea: Create a "Lego" approach to building prototypes that allows designers to focus on key elements while incrementally testing and refining their concepts into a product.

If the first step in your design prototyping process is assembling a platform so that you may begin the design implementation process (Our method for years) you realize that the first hours (or days) is consumed with tasks that have nothing to do with seeing your idea come to life

Our Power Supply Platform incorporates a standard square peg pattern that allows rapid "plug and play" development of both electrical and mechanical design concepts

Our Power Supply incorporates a heavy duty toggle switch (on/off) and standard American plug receptacle (We also include a standard 110V three prong plug)

When our Power Supply Platform is combined with our other prototyping tools you will gain the ability to focus on the key elements of your design instead of the "steps to get going"

This is one of our designs that simply begs to be mass produced

This is the 3D Model (STL), the Design Source Model (STEP), the parts list, the wiring diagram (schematic) and 10 hours of our consulting time for you to do whatever you want: Manufacture & Sell as many units as you want

No hardware is included: You will need to source the power plug, the toggle switch, the AC power inlet, some 14 Ga wire and some stainless steel bolts to complete the design

This product is for the non-exclusive Intellectual Property Rights to our Power Supply Platform

Price: $3,500.00