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Product Customization Service
Product Customization Service

Is one of our products "close" but not it?

The great strength of 3D Printing is "one-off" products and "customized" products

  • It's doesn't cost any more to print a "custom" versus "standard" product.
  • The "cost" is all in the "design time"

We offer product customization as a service at $50 /hour. That hourly price is much lower than our true cost ...because We were smart when we created or models (Variables and Equations: It is easy to "tweak" and pretty difficult to "create")

And if you have a "good product idea" and are "willing to share" we will waive the "customization service" fee if we may include the resulting product at our Trading Post.

We will work out an appropriate "royalty" for your Intellectual Property (Don't plan on getting rich... we aren't...).

We are always interested in "360 degree wins": When everyone wins we smile

Start the Process by Requesting a Quote

Note: Quantity 1 => 1 Hour, Quantity 2 => 2 Hours, etc..

Price: $50.00
Engineering Design Service
Engineering Design Service

We can design "anything" but we don't have enough time to design "everything"

Looking through our products will give you a good idea of the versatility of our design skills:

Trained Engineers "Trained" => Educated & Experienced: We do the "math" & then we "test" & then we "iterate"
  • Electrical Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Software Design

Clearly, we prefer projects were 3D printing is a part of the process: excellent prototype development tool

Our Engineering Design Service is $125 / hour

Start the Process by Requesting a Quote

Note: Quantity 1 => 1 Hour, Quantity 2 => 2 hours, etc..

Price: $125.00
Reearch and Development Service
Reearch and Development Service

R&D is when "you don't really know what you want" but you have an "idea"

R&D must be expensive: ($250 / Hour ) It's easy to get stuck in endless cycles when you start changing requirements.

  • "Design Services" => You know the requirements.
  • "R&D" => You don't have solid requirements => Becomes "obvious" when you change the requirements

All products begin as an "idea" and then R&D follows (most product ideas never "get out of" R&D).

We have lots of experience developing "ideas into products" and we use rapid prototyping techniques to explore implementation options to accelerate "convergence of iterations".

Start the Process by Requesting a Quote

Note: Quantity => Hours

Price: $250.00
1 Year: 3D Printer Training, Tuning, Calibration & Maintenance
1 Year: 3D Printer Training, Tuning, Calibration & Maintenance

Fixed Cost ( Labor ) service for on-site Training, Tuning, Calibration & Maintenance of your 3D Printer

We are here to make you successful with your 3D Printer purchase!

Selling a top-notch 3D Printer that is able to meet the rigorous demands of small business operators is step 1... Step 2 is keeping that 3D Printer humming while providing you with the training you need so that at the end of the first year you have all of the skills you need to maintain your 3D Printer (... but we would be happy to continue providing this service to you year after year...

Available for Krakatoa Ranch's 3D Printer customers ONLY

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Price: $2,500.00