Bunk House Toilet Paper Holder

Product Configurations:

Physical Product

Personal Use

Resale Rights
Toilet Paper Holder 3D Model (Resale rights)
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Intellectual Property Rights (non-exclusive)

Bunk House Toliet Paper Holder in Vertical PostionDesigned for necessity:Bunk House Toilet Paper Holder Horizontal

Rugged simplicity with a few “enhancements”:

  • May be mounted vertically or horizontally
  • Has a “slip plate” so that the edges of the toilet paper don’t create “paper dust” as the toilet paper is pulled

Bunk House Toile Paper Holder 3D Printed Parts

Earth Friendly:

We print our Toilet Paper Holders (Physical product) using PLA filament that is derived from corn husks and decomposes when exposed to sun light.

We include drywall mounting hardware with every physical product purchased (You supply your own mounting hardware when you purchase the 3D model, or Resale Rights or Intellectual Property Rights)


imageWe test all of our products before listing them for sale. We have used this version of the design for about a year: That’s how we came up with the “slip plate”. When we use the unit in the vertical mount configuration we use one slip plate at the bottom of the toilet paper roll (and we usually ditch the “top”).  When we use the unit in the horizontal configuration we use two slip plates (each side of the toilet paper roll) and we USE the “end cap”. (We ship the physical product with two slip plates and one “top” / “end cap”)

High Resolution 3D Model:

Its not obvious to everyone that if you use a low resolution 3D Model the “resolution of your 3D Printer” doesn’t matter. We sell only high resolution 3D Models to produce professional quality printed objects. High Resolution 3D models take longer to “slice” into 3D Printer commands but they only take a few seconds longer to actually print.

Intellectual Property Rights include:

When you purchase Intellectual Property Rights you are given the high-resolution 3D model, the original 3D parametric design source model, a bill of materials and 10 hours of consulting time to make design modifications required for your target manufacturing process (or just to customize the design to your taste).

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