Pepsi Brand Soda Can Toppers + Dispenser

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Soda can tops plus dispenser 3D Model (Resale rights)
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An Artifact of “Tuning” & “Ranch Life”

imageWe have many small flying creatures on the Ranch… and sometime they call into our drink cans… and.. well, it’s not a very pleasant sensation when you realize you just ate a fly!

We solved our “extra protein” problem by designing a top that slip fits our soda can.

It turned out that these can toppers are an excellent “calibration object” to use after minor maintenance operations to the extruder: Fast to print and test both the thread to thread bonding as well as narrow side wall alignment. We print quite a few of these during normal operation.

Can Fit:

We know these toppers fit Pepsi brand cans sold in America…. it may not fit other soda brand cans.

Complete Set with 12 Toppers

Complete Set with 12 Toppers

It is easy for us to modify the design to fit other cans: Send us the outer diameter of the can top and the can lip height and we will send you a custom solution at no additional charge.

These can toppers are NOT designed to prevent “spills” (these have a slip fit so that they are not a hassle when you want a drink). We will say that in 85% of the spills we have had the can topper stayed in place and “minimized the mess” (it did not “eliminate” the mess). Most our spilled cans are a result of wagging dog tails (apparently the dogs believe their skills are best suited to product testing).

We include 12 Toppers with each Dispenser. It is easy to see how many Toppers are in the dispenser through the cut-outs in the side of the Dispenser.


Magnetically attaches to metal surfaces/

Magnetically attaches to metal surfaces/

Our dispenser is designed to magnetically attach to your refrigerator (or any other vertical metal surface) and provide easy access to a topper. The top of the dispenser is covered by a lid. Once we use a can topper we give it quick rinse in hot water and then return it to the top of the dispensing stack. (We do NOT recommend placing these toppers in a dishwasher ⇒ They will deform if the temperature approaches 150 C { 302 F }. Yes, we didn’t think our dishwasher got that hot and “we were wrong”.)

The Dispense uses 1/4″ diameter cylinder magnets that are 1/4″ long: Provides massive “overkill” adhesion to a metal surface. We use 4 magnets per dispenser. The magnets are included with the purchase of our physical product and are NOT included when the 3D model is purchased for Personal Use or Resale or the Intellectual Property Rights are purchased.

Magnet Source: K&J Magnetics.

Back side with magnets

Back side with magnets

Tip: The N42 magnets are “overkill” and the N52 magnets will likely create issues: Like coming out of their sockets when you want to remove the dispenser and clean the front of your refrigerator (We though if “N42” is good then “N52” will be better ⇒ Wrong!… we did do the test)

The magnets are seated in their sockets with “hot glue” (which is good… nice and quick… but in the war between glue strength and magnet strength the magnet wins at N52)

Earth Friendly:

We print our Soda Can Toppers and the Dispenser (Physical product) using PLA filament that is derived from corn husks and decomposes when exposed to sun light.


We test all of our products before listing them for sale. At the moment this is our “most tested” product (we use these every day… all day… like we said ⇒ We have a large population of “bugs”).

Occasionally, the topper “brim” may dislodge from the “top” ⇒ Exposure to cold (near freezing) makes the plastic brittle and if handled roughly the brim may separate from the top. If you encounter a similar problem contact us and we will provide replacement toppers at no charge.

Tip: if you are going to put the can in the freezer for “rapid cooling” don’t put the topper in the freezer with the can (another learning experience).

High Resolution 3D Model:

Its not obvious to everyone that if you use a low resolution 3D Model the “resolution of your 3D Printer” doesn’t matter. We sell only high resolution 3D Models to produce the professional quality printed objects. High Resolution 3D models take longer to “slice” into 3D Printer commands but they only take a few seconds longer to actually print.

Intellectual Property Rights include:

When you purchase Intellectual Property Rights you are given the high-resolution 3D model, the original 3D parametric design source model, a bill of materials and 10 hours of consulting time to make design modifications required for your target manufacturing process (or just to customize the design to your taste).


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