3D Printed Business Cards (Raised Letters)

Business Cards (Physical Product )
Text on Card + Desired Colors (background and text):

Our 3D Printed Business Cards deliver high impact advertising for your business.

Yes, they are expensive: For a few dollars more you could purchase one thousand paper business cards. However, you will have a business card that will be completely unique.

imageA set of ten business cards requires about 3 hours of 3D Printer time to complete.

We use a multi-color printing technique that inserts a clear layer between the background color and the text color to “float” the letters above the surface of the card.

imageCreate immediate business differentiation by distributing these cards to your customers.

We have researched the text size and font that create the best finished product. This card is not a good substitute for your personal business card => These cards are great for advertising your business (but not you… personally…).

There are many fonts that simply will not “3D Print” => A long research cycle was required to identify a font where all letters in the alphabet are printable.

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