Our Mission:

Zombie_Apocalypse_Survival_Chances.jpgHelp our community prepare for and survive the impending zombie apocalypse.

For us the question is not “Will there be a Zombie Apocalypse?” but rather “When will the Zombies attack?“. We came to this conclusion after extensive research, soul searching, careful analysis and then we went back to research and repeated the process until we achieved 85% confidence in our conclusion: The Zombie Apocalypse is unavoidable.

Once we were “certain” the Zombie Apocalypse was an 85% certainty we asked a much more important question: What can we do to help our community prepare? (even through our community will remain in denial until Zombies are eating their loved one’s brains)…. {Isn’t that the way it always happens at the beginning of Zombie movies? The first victims are clueless that Zombies exist…}

Our answer: We can show folks how to use 3D Printers as a critical desktop manufacturing survival tool.

3D Printing by itself is not much of an “answer” when you consider the learning curve, necessity of design skills and engineering experience required to put 3D Printers to “practical work”.

Our “answer” is more comprehensive in that we are sharing our design skills and engineering experience by picking a 3D printer we know “works” and providing 3D models for objects we know “print properly” (We test everything before it becomes a “product”). By combining these elements we are striving to provide you with a desktop manufacturing robot that approaches “push button” operation (load our model and press “print”).

Questions every “prepper” should ask themselves:

  • Did you forget some critical component in your prepping supplies?
    • How would you know?
  • What if some critical component breaks on the machines that are keeping you alive?
    • How will you build a replacement part?

We are able to help with those questions.

Not by providing direct answers but by relying on the ingenuity exhibited by “everyday Americans” in the First Industrial Revolution. It’s interesting to go back and study how we “evolved” from a self-sufficient agriculture society to the mechanized inter-dependent urban society. The key principle that our working class forefathers utilized was “boot strapping”: They built the tools that allowed them to build the machines, that allowed them to build the tools that allowed them to build the machines that created the first “assembly lines” and mass production was born. (It took them quite a while to “evolve” but they had a “can do” attitude that toppled mountains)

3D Printing is a big topic that spans multiple technologies.  In the sub $10K price point range 3D Printing simplifies to “Fused Filament” 3D printing technology to implement “Zombie Preparedness”. “Fused Filament” is the technology where a plastic filament is fed into an “extruder” that melts the filament and then deposits that molten filament (layer after layer) until a desired object is created. This is the infancy of a technology trend that ultimately results in the Start Trek “Replicator” (not to be confused with Star Gate Replicators…. which are very bad) IF we manage to  avoid the Zombie Apocalypse (or recover from it quickly).

We spent years researching fused filament 3D Printers (from here on we are dropping “fused filament” and will use “3D Printer”…. ). What we learned is not surprising:

  • Not all 3D Printers are created equally (Some consumer models are pure crap)
  • Designing 3D models that “work” on 3D Printers requires additional expertise (above basic design skills)
  • 3D Printers require frequent maintenance (lots of moving parts that must be in tight tolerance)
  • 3D Printing is slow (there are methods to speed it up but the basic concept is “slow”… essentially drawing a picture with plastic thread… move up a layer… repeat, repeat, repeat…
  • Industrial 3D Printers are amazing (both what they are capable of…. and their price points: $25K to … the moon)
  • You are able to create amazing objects with 3D Printers: Gears, Pulleys, Electronics, mechanical connectors, seedling pots, funnels, gaskets, bushings, etc…

The “best” 3D Printers are flexible and allow you to use multiple filaments:

  • PLA: Earth friendly plastic made from corn husks that is biodegradable (in UV light: sunlight)
  • ABS: Nice hearty plastic => Not really “earth friendly”
  • Nylon: Great for bearings, bushings, and is extremely resistant to most chemicals (acids)
  • Flexible: There are a variety of formulations of flexible filaments => Great for making gaskets, tool grips…single piece hinges… etc
  • Exotics: Everything from Carbon Fiber “infused” to clay => The energy being exerted to develop new filaments is impressive and new capabilities are unleashed almost daily.

Of course, if you don’t purchase the right 3D Printer => You can’t use the complete range of filament types that are available. It’s more than having the temperature range to melt the different filament types you must have the ability to change the configuration of your “extruder” (some filament types require larger extruder nozzle diameters…).

We have done that research and the answer is: Maker’s Tool Works MendelMax 3 3D Printer Kit.

Tip: Purchase the MendelMax 3 directly from Maker’s Tool Works and assemble it yourself. You will learn the necessary skills while assembling the printer to “maintain” the 3D Printer (critical skills).

Your MendelMax 3 won’t be as good as ours but that’s because we have gone through the learning curve of not only assembly and maintenance but also how to “tweak” (enhance) the 3D Printer to lower our maintenance tasks while achieving high resolution and optimizing printing speed.

You will get to where we are if you analyze your 3D Printed objects, notice the imperfection patterns, analyze what causes the patterns and then design an appropriate “modification” to eliminate the pattern. In the process you will be forced to learn how to design 3D Printable “models”. It’s all good!

For those who want a “jump start” we offer our Krakatoa Ranch “enhanced” MendelMax 3 (The kit  comes from Maker’s Tool Works. We assemble, enhance and tune the printer to create professional prints).

The 3D Printer is the “beginning”, now you need a library of 3D product models that allow you to skip the design, test & tweak phase and start creating “useful objects”. Creating 3D Printer models that reliably “print” is one of our skills.

Sure, you could repeat our learning experiments and download 3D models from the web but it’s only a matter of time before printing one of those models breaks your printer (It happened to us). We are not claiming that all “free” 3D Models are “junk” => There are many very good 3D models available but you must learn to evaluate a 3D model for printing problems (another skill developed over time using trial and error) and you learn to follow people who have a history of creating good 3D models for 3D Printers (lots of 3D models are conceptual => Never been printed, were never intended to be printed, used in Virtual Reality games….)

Our 3D product models are not beautiful but they work… both from the perspective of “printing reliably” and the ultimate intended purpose (We don’t just test “did it print?” we live with the “product” and “tweak it” until we are satisfied that it meets our practical requirements).

If you purchase a 3D Printer from us you are also purchasing all of our products 3D models for personal use. “All” includes product 3D models currently on the Trading Post AND all future product 3D models we add to the Trading Post. We continue to work for you long after your 3D Printer purchase.

For those folks who either build their own 3D Printer or purchase a 3D Printer from another source we do sell our product 3D Models at very reasonable prices (dirt cheap). Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee that our 3D Models will print on your printer without modification. We wish we could make a different statement but the practical reality is simple => Not all 3D Printer designs have identical capabilities.

Real Free Trade:

Want to setup a business and directly compete with us? Great! We would like to help….

Why would we help establish a competitor? Lots of reasons:

  • Competition promotes honesty
  • Competition promotes customer value (lower prices)
  • Competition advances technology

Our honest answer is much simpler: Do you know what happens if we allow a single Zombie to survive? Apocalypse all over again….

No, the only way “we” survive is if more people are prepared. We are a small business and we can only build so many 3D Printers per month, only create and test so many product 3D models designs per year. While we are annoyingly confident on our skills: “We can design anything!”…. We are mature and recognize that we don’t have enough time to “design everything”.

We offer Resale rights on all of our product 3D models: You 3D Print and sell! We will go so far as help you setup your web store: We need to get more folks focused on getting our entire world prepared so that after this impending Zombie Apocalypse we not only “survive” but we eliminate every last Zombie from the face of the earth so that we may finally live free and in harmony with all of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers and children. (it’s nice to dream of Peace & Grace).

Need a new design to feed your American mass-production machine? Our product’s Intellectual property is also for sale at extremely reasonable prices. We are not looking for royalties: flat fee. If you are able to use your knowledge, skills and experience to take one of our designs and make a profit through mass production we think that is a good deal for everyone! (Assumes mass-production results in lower per unit costs).

Need a custom product designed? We do that! Need a one of a kind object designed? We do that!  Locals are encouraged to ask for our friends and family discount: If we can get the job done without losing money we will likely say “Yes” (we need a little bit for electricity and food… but we are not working to get rich… we are here to help!).