Our ridiculous prices

The physical products we sell are extremely expensive: 3D printers are great for design development but they are slow and rather expensive to operate. At most we make $5 per physical product after our costs and we generally do not charge for our time (We are competing against very low wage foreign workers).

3D Printed "bunk house" toilet paper holder

3D Printed “bunk house” toilet paper holder

Who would pay $30 for a toilet paper holder? Yeah, not many people would…. It’s not like we spin these out of gold thread….

We hope that you do purchase our products at their ridiculous prices because we would like to continue the work of bringing 3D printing into every home (Ok, that might require 10 -15 years…. Microwave ovens required a similar amount of time to reach market saturation)

Quad MOSFET switch (20 Amps & 500 V max per switch) built as a half pipe

Quad MOSFET switch (20 Amps & 500 V max per switch) built as a half pipe

Our electronic circuit products are not intended for real world use (They work, that’s not the issue => they are insanely expensive to create). These objects are offered to those curious about the future of true 3D Printed Circuit Boards. If you want to jump start your mind order one of our circuits and take a very close look because these “change the rules” and integrate mechanical design directly with electrical design. Again, our 3D models are attractively priced and if you build it yourself then it’s a good deal => an excellent capability to put in your post Zombie Apocolyspe toolbox.

As far as we are aware we are the only company creating high current, high voltage operational 3D printed circuits. We would like to resolve that singularity => this is something anyone could do if they thought the way we do (there are no PCB design tools that will aide in the design of these circuits. One must use mechanical 3D modeling tools and think through each circuit connection in 3D space and make appropriate design decisions). It will be years before there are 3D modeling tools for 3D PCB designs…. And we reckon we can speed that up by simply showing methods to complete the design today with existing tools. If any of our friends at the PCB design houses would like to know more: We offer an introductory 3D PCB design training class.

We offer our models for personal use, resell and high-volume manufacturing at very competitive prices (dirt cheap).

Our mission is to prepare for the Zombie Apocolypse: If you know what we are referring to then the value of 3D printing becomes obvious => one tool that is able to fabricate complex shapes that will allow you to replace parts that fail when you don’t have a source to easily purchase a replacement.

The MedelMax 3 3D Printer with Our Krakatoa Ranch enhancements

The MedelMax 3 3D Printer with Our Krakatoa Ranch enhancements

Thats why we sell 3D printers: We know our models work (print) on our 3D Printer. Our 3D printer begins as the highest quality kit we could find (Maker’s Tool Works MendelMax 3… Based in Oklahoma City, Oaklahoma). We assemble the kit, we add our own enhancements and then we tune the printer. We put a man month into each printer to “dial it in” so that you are able to create high quality 3D printed objects immediately.

If you are looking for a “personal 3D printer” we suggest you order the kit directly from Maker’s Tool Works and assemble it yourself: then you will have the required skills to maintain the 3D printer in the future. The simple fact is that 3D printers are complex robots that must be maintained to tight tolerances to operate well and that requires frequent maintenance (we tear down and rebuild our extruders every 3 months…. And we run our 3D printers nearly constantly). NOTE: we use high quality filament to reduce our maintenance tasks…. If you purchase and use cheap (dirty) filament your maintenance tasks will drive you nuts (it’s not worth saving a few bucks on filament if you have to clean or replace the extruder nozzle weekly or daily)…. We learned “the hard way”.

For folks looking for a low-cost (less than $10k) 3D printer for professional use we offer maintenance and support training classes as well as direct support for customers within our geographic region (as long as you are close enough for us to drive to your site: No more TSA groping for us!)

3D printers are the Genesis point for the Star Trek Replicator and while we may be decades away from that utopian device 3D printers are extremely useful now (as long as you purchase a unit that will work for more then a month….. We have experience with the low cost consumer units and all we can say is: That is what drove us toward high quality kits.  The low cost consumer 3D printers are junk…. The components are low quality …. Tuning the machines is not possible {That’s coming from engineers who can fix anything… You can’t fix a design that fails because the frame is not rigid}

We offer design customization services, design services, consulting services, web site creation services, 3D printer maintenance and tuning services (our printers only), a variety of training classes and Research and Development services at competitive rates in addition to our product sales.

We produce our products in Keenesburg, Colorado. A historic rail road whistle stop town with a great burger joint (Benny’s Burgers). We are not located in the town…. Or in the same county as the town (but that’s how the US Post Office decided to list our address). We are about 30 minutes south of the town and about 5 miles east…. Truly a rural location where steers, sheep, pigs, dogs and cats are all getting educated on 3D Printing (whether they like it or not….)