Privacy Policy:

KR_3D_Header_OverlayWe don’t share, sell or trade customer information.

We do our best to protect customer information (When compared with how Hillary Clinton protected Top Secret information on her personal Email server: we “kick ass”). In our view: “It is your data… Not “our” data”.

Unfortunately, foreign governments (China), government intelligence gathering agencies and corporations employ professional hackers to obtain customer contact data. On top of the professional hackers there are some very clever “delinquents” aspiring to be professional hackers.  We can’t gurantee your information will be “safe”.

The best way to protect your personal data is not to give it out (Which, isnt too “useful”).

Our Solution:

If you contact us after making a purchase and ask us to delete your customer information: We will hapilly comply! (Again, it’s your data…. It’s necessary to complete a product transaction but after that…. Its only useful if you want to hear from us in the future).

If you purchase a 3D printer from us you might want us to have your contact information so that we may send you the 3D models for new products as they are introduced (Personal use only).

Until the People of the world all agree not to hack: The web is a risky place to share personal information.

We are always contemplating better solutions: We are cosidering offering a “Krakatoa Ranch” Email address to every 3D Printer customer…. That way we would be able to delete your “sales” contact information and still be able to provide you with instant access to new 3D models as they are created. Again, if this is something that would fit your needs: contact us. (It is not a perfect solution but it does resolve some “top level” security concerns.)