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Why Donate to our Research?

We are publishing “How to design 3D Printed – Printed Circuit Boards” instructions. Developing this content is time consuming and we need to keep the lights on ( doesn’t get any more basic or real )

We understand our product prices are ridiculous…. But real. So ridiculous we have not had a single customer since we opened our store => Not one product sale ( kind of a bummer but we get it: Money is tight for everyone and why purchase a hand crafted product when there are much less expensive mass produced alternatives? )

Many people would give up and move on but we are dedicated: For more than one reason

  • We might just be early to a nascent market
  • The path to developing the Star Trek replicator is work we ‘need’ to be involved in.
  • 3D Printed Circuit Boards are an important evolutionary step: moving from planar (flat land) PCB’s into 3D PCBs represents the convergence of electrical and mechanical design => Ultimately unleashing new innovations.
  • No options: This is a result of having contracted an uncovered treatable terminal illness ( That first word ‘uncovered’ wipes out the second word ‘treatable’ and leaves us with ‘terminal illness’). We work when we are able and that is “the best we can do”
  • We might not “make it” (survive) but for some reason we have been driven to develop a 3D PCB design process that “works” for all types ( Digital, Analog, High Speed, Low Power, High Current, etc…) of PCB designs and the work must survive to benefit humanity ( so others ‘can’ create 3D printed PCBs ).